CSW FABRICATIONS was born in February 2001.


Owned & operated by Craig & Sara Walker, CSW Fabrications designed & installed wrought-iron gates, railings, security grilles and also began to manufacture, supply and install Electric Gates & Entrance Systems, serving no more than a market share that existed within 20 miles of our base in the Rossendale, Lancashire.

By 2004 we had begun to look into other market areas and it was at this time that Juliet Balconies were becoming quite popular due to Builders & developers adopting more of a build 'upwards' method. Upon realising this, we designed an entire range of Juliet Balconies to offer the Market. From Glass Juliet Balconies and traditional style Juliet Balconies we moved forward into Balustrades and then offered a line of basic but functional Balcony Platforms to add to our product catalogue.

We were one of the very first companies in the U.K. to specialise in Balconies alone. Most, if not all of our products have been emulated by competitors over the years which we find quite humbling to know that your products are secretly admired by your competitors as well as our customers! Our products were sold initially on Ebay as starting point over 14 years ago and not long after we decided that we should perhaps create our own website as a platform to sell from, initially to save on Ebay fees, yet the more we built the site and the more products we added, the more it was rubber-stamped that this was the journey on which we were to travel and we never looked back!

Our site was a huge success and has been our single form of advertising since 2004. We have now been installing Balconies & Balustrades up and down the Country for more than 14 years and have met some of the most influential people, made great friends and discovered some of the most amazing places which we may have never seen if not for CSW Balconies & Balustrades.

MEET THE TEAM (All 2.5 of us..)


Prior to CSW FABRICATIONS I worked as a Sales Administrator for a large sign manufacturing company after which I moved into a similar role within the Steel Fabrication industry for a local steel stockist & fabricator.

Running CSW has been a life-changing experience. I have met so many influential people, seen the most idyllic of places, eaten in fantastic restaurants and slept in the cosiest of country pubs. All thanks to CSW and the success of our customers.


Main Duties:

Product Design & Fabrication, Customer Service & Enquiries, Quotations,  Purchasing, Accounts, Logistics & Installation Services.

Away from work I run a secondary online chocolate gift-box business which is very successful. I love walking and eating out but my real passion is photography, with a closely followed favourite pastime of researching & visiting foreign towns & cities throughout France, Italy, Greece & Spain.


Prior to CSW FABRICATIONS I was trained as a Welder/Fabricator and I worked for a string of companies in order to build upon my experience before taking the leap into my own business. I can now apply everything I have learnt from working with different steels and a variety of manufacturing methods. There are so many aspects to running CSW successfully that I have really had to wear many caps throughout the years from salesman to CAD designer to project manager to excavator to paver and beyond! 



Main Duties:

CSW Website design & marketing, Product Design & Fabrication, Customer Service & Enquiries, Surveys, CAD Drawings, Planning Applications, Quotations, Logistics, Installation Services & Technical Assistance.

Away from work I have my own Art studio where I like to paint, usually at weekends or when it's raining. I also play the drums and I like to eat out as often as my wallet allows.


I have worked for CSW FABRICATIONS all of my life but I don't go on site too much anymore because I'm nearly 10 years old now and fed up of living out of a suitcase, (and I prefer to stay at grandmas) but when I do, I arrange everything from the food we eat, the hotels (dog friendly) & toilet-stops, to the locations we visit in the evening when we're finished on site and, I usually guard the tools and pretty much everything in the van. Unless it's too hot, then I just hang around in the shade and keep my eye on the other two!


Balconies & Balustrades are what we do and, are what we have done so well for over 17 years.

We know our customers better than they know themselves. We know what excites them and we know how to make their buying experience a very easy & enjoyable one. 

We don't provide 'cheap' products and services. There are bucket loads of amateur suppliers out there whom will supply you with cheap Balconies & Services if that's what you're searching for. We, do not. What we DO provide our customers is an extremely low maintenance product for a reasonable cost, purchased quite simply and stress free. Our Balconies & Balustrade products are manufactured using only the best materials. Our Stainless Steel components are German supplied and we never use cheap, low-quality Chinese components which would compromise our high quality products. 

We don't supply 'off the shelf' products, we're a specialist supplier and we provide a specialist service.

We don't work with just anyone. If we don't think that we can provide you with a remarkable product & service and, leave you feeling fulfilled, then we will politely decline to quote. 

We don't supply 'off the shelf' products, we're a specialist supplier and we provide a specialist service and you will only ever deal with the two of us from your initial contact, right the way through the project to the sign-off!


The first and most important thing to note is that we are a family business with family values.

We understand that you've probably never purchased a Balcony or Glass Balustrade before so, don't worry if you don't understand what can and cannot be done, or that you perhaps don't understand some of the Balcony world terminology.

Once you begin to deal with us directly, we understand that you probably work hard during the day and we will provide you with a direct contact number which you can use 'out of hours' should you need to for any reason. You may struggle to be present when we arrange a Survey due to your demanding schedule, that's why we arrange them around you during the days, evenings and even at weekends. 


The most important aspect of a CSW project and its success is TEAMWORK!

Each and every one of our customers is considered as a part of our team. Most UK manufacturers & suppliers adopt the assumption that the customer is not an enormously important & integral part of the project success. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every customer to invest in CSW products & services is considered to be an extremely important link in the chain. It is our customers that introduce the project to us to begin with. They invest time and money in us, arrange their time to allow us to serve them, make their own arrangements for us to keep to our schedule and then, follow our instructions to the finest detail to provide us with a clear, safe, space for us to work in. Without the best customers we would find it extremely difficult to maintain the remarkable service.


We don't work with just anyone!

If we don't think that we can provide you with a remarkable product & service and leave you feeling fulfilled, then we will politely decline to quote. Not every project is suited to us and we are not suitable for every project. The same applies to our suppliers. Only the most passionate, exceptionally professional & reliable suppliers will ever be entertained as they are absolutely fundamental in assisting us to achieve our goals. Bad suppliers will deliver late, communicate poorly and probably provide us with poor service. This experience is quite simply considered to be the break in the chain and, for each project our chain consists of the following.. Mild Steel Stockists, Stainless Steel Stockists, Component Stockists, Laser Profilers, Glass Manufacturers & Suppliers, Galvanisers, Powder Coaters, Fixing & Fastening Suppliers, Engineers Suppliers, Machinery & Equipment Hire Companies, Vehicle Hire Companies & Hoteliers.. 

So, because of our huge list of team members, we couldn't work with anyone less than the very best!

Do we make mistakes? Of course we do! We're human and we don't imply anywhere on our site that we are perfect.

If a company tells you that the process is seamless and that they have never made a mistake then they are not being entirely truthful.

We don't make mistakes too often, but when we do, we make sure that you experience the very minimum disruption. The only areas in which we do make a mistake is where there are no references to specifics in writing such as verbal changes which is why we never rely on verbal changes alone. If it's not in writing we don't acknowledge it.


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